World At Arms (ios) Wiki

Command Centre[]

HQ with no damage.

Your first special building is the Command Centre. This is where you can your daily 1 hour income which depends on the amount of buildings you have. You can also sell loot you collect. You can sell sets of loot for a specific price of Gold Coins and Oil with harder to get loot increasing in value. Your Command Centre also tracks when you get attacked by enemies online. When someone succesfully defeats you your Command Centre gets destroyed a bit. This stops the daily 1 hour income. But this can be fixed easily by click the "Repair" button. Your Command Centre tracks Alliance Promontions, Gifts, and attacks by other players. The leaderboard can also be accessed here which you can compare to the world or just your friends/allies.


The Lottery is pre-game built building which is basicaily a lottery where your strongest units (Ground) face off increaseingly diffcult units for in exchange for units, powerups, and loot/items. There three types of lotteries which have better prizes in each one. The three types are Basic which costs nothing, Premuim costs 15 Gold Stars, and Deluxe costs 30 Gold Stars. The loot can range from: Nuclear Strike 1, AP-21, Naplam Strike, etc. If played daily prizes increase in value until the fifth day whereas you can play the Premuim lottery. Note that the lottery can only played every 24 hours regardless of what type.

Special Operations[]

The Special Operations building is pre-built into your base.The main purpose of this buiding is to search for enemies which you can attack for amounts of Gold Stars/Coins. Coins can range from 10,000 to 100,000 and Gold Stars range from 2 to 8. The game tells your how diffcult your enemiy will be, but is not always good incdiciator. For example, you might get a Level 2 enemy and game might say hard, when in truth the enemiy is not that difficult. At the bottom of the interface are bullets, these represent how many times you can scan before waiting for it to recharge. As you scan for more enemies the rewards get progessievely better, but with the cost of more Coins.

Starting Nuclear Plant[]

The first nuclear plant that the player starts with is not able to be sold but only able to be moved. It is a three square building and generates 140 energy without boosting.